Plastic Injection Molding

The satisfaction of our customers speaks for itself.

Our customer base includes many leading companies that already trust us for years.

ABN Braun AG
Systems for electrical engineering and
building technology

Large clear parts made ​​of polycarbonate

Gaudlitz GmbH
Motor mounts for the automotive industry
Ambituous housings for instruments,
technical injection molding parts

Plastic Technology in Franconia
Optical fibers and hinged lids for the
automotive industry

Kunststofftechnik Jantsch GmbH
Product development, molding,
precision plastic parts
Molding of large technical parts for medical

Nowy Styl Group
Office and event chairs
Visible parts with the highest requirements, component manufacturing

Roth Ingenieurtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Drive Technology
Finishing of drive belts for X-ray equipment

S&W High Quality In Plastics
Housings and technical parts
Manufacturing of precision injection molded parts and assemblies in large numbers

Sifa Metallkomponenten GmbH
Office and industrial chairs
Large visible parts, insert molding of metal
parts, technical parts with high mechanical