Plastic Injection Molding

Get to know our portfolio.

Please contact us for individual counseling and support of your idea from design to realization and production.

In cooperation with molding companies in the local area or, if desired, the Far East (China), we offer the complete service from sample to volume production.

We specialize in core pull and hot runner technology, as well as large visible parts.

In our manufacturing we use modern injection molding machines with clamping forces of 350 to 7000 KN and shot weights of 15 to 3200 grams.


· Consulting and creation of your ideas

· Manufacturing of your molds in molding companies in the local area and the Far East (China)

Plastic processing
· Injection molding machines with clamping forces of 350 to 7000 KN
· Processing of all common thermoplastics, with or without additives
· Encapsulation of inserts
· Extraction and sorting machines

· Packaging and tailoring according to your specifications
· Assembly of components

Equipment list
This is the the machine set-up of our company:                                                          Equipment list as PDF

MachineClamping forceInj. shot weight in PSDistance btw. tie bars
Haitain [Website]7000 KN3200 gr.940x940 mm
Ferromatic Milacron3500 KN662 gr.710x710 mm
Wittmann Battenfeld2400 KN595 gr.570x570 mm
Demag Ergotech1200 KN291 gr.470x470 mm
Ferromatic Milacron600 KN185 gr.355x355 mm
Demag Ergotech500 KN149 gr.355x355 mm
Demag Ergotech350 KN128 gr.280x280 mm

All machines are equipped with the latest handling equipment and sprue pickers.