Plastic Injection Molding

Welcome to the company Hans Meyer.

As a modern company we offer our customers a variety of services. In our
modern manufacturing we use injection molding machines with clamping
forces of 350 to 7000 KN and shot weights of 15 to 3200 grams.

We specialize in core pull and hot runner technology, processing of technical
thermoplastics with glass fiber percentage up to 60%, and large visible parts.

Through the acquisition of the new 700 to machine we are able to control eight
hydraulic valve gate nozzles, and thus produce visually highly demanding parts,
e.g. decorative covers for the car interior, which are weld-free and without sink

In cooperation with molding companies in the local area or, if desired, the Far
East (China), we offer you a complete service from sample to volume production.

For transmitting large amounts of data, we offer you the opportunity to use secure
FTP access to our server.

Since 1997 we are certified to ISO 9001.
Quality and delivery reliability are integral parts of our business.

Challenge us, we will find a solution.

Here you will find a report on our company in the customer magazine of the
machine manufacturer Haitain (in German only). For more information on the
machine from Haitain we use in our company please have a look at our portfolio.