Plastic Injection Molding

The history of our company

The company HANS MEYER has a long traditionally rich history. From a paper mill and comb factory,
the present company developed which is known as a flexible supplier for precision engineering plastic components of the highest quality.

The customers of the company include for example manufacturers and suppliers specializing in office chairs, engineering, medical and drive technology.

1923 Foundation of the company HANS MEYER as a comb factory.
Combs are cut by hand from plates, then polished and lacquered.

1928 William Meyer, son of founder Hans Meyer, enters the family business after his apprenticeship
as a comb maker in Hamburg.

1929 Purchase of the first injection molding machine. With this purchase the course for the future
was set to the fields of toys and household items.

1940 to 1948 During the period of the Second World War William Meyer is captured. His wife
Christine, together with Babette Meyer, continues the operation under the most difficult

1943 Company founder Hans Meyer dies.

1949 The daughter Betty Seuboth is born.

1970 After the wedding of Betty and Gottfried Seuboth, the company is growing steadily and is now
in its third generation family owned.

1994 Construction of a production hall and purchase of a 6500 KN injection molding machine. Realignment from toy industry to office furniture industry.

1995 The son Christian Seuboth enters the family business after his apprenticeship as a mold maker.

1997 Certification according to ISO 9001.

2005 Further education of Christian Seuboth as a foreman in plastics & rubber manufacturing.

2007 Senior director Gottfried Seuboth went into well-deserved retirement. The fortunes are now
directed by the owner Betty Seuboth and Christian Seuboth.

2011 Christian Seuboth is the owner of the company in the 4th generation.

2015 Michaela Seuboth, the wife of the owner, enters the business.